Faith in the City

A Monthly Space for Catholics in their 20’s or at university to drop into where they can meet with others interested in exploring what it means to live as a Catholic in the modern world!!

During 2009 the number of people living in an urban situation exceeded people living in a rural situation.  Recent books, such as Sapiens: a brief history of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, highlight the dramatic shifts that have occurred in recent centuries that impact our lives and the way faith has been understood and experienced.  This along with a growing secularist and humanist agenda in UK society can promote assumptions that faith is irrelevant and outdated.

Faith in the City is the name that we are giving to a gathering-space for young adult Catholics from South England to gather and meet to explore what it means to be a Catholic today, what options exist for living one’s faith and how to build a life that balances faith and commitment in God to the demands of 21st Century life.

From October 2022 you are invited to join us after the 7pm evening Mass on the last Sunday of each month to meet up and explore questions relating to being a Catholic today.  The gathering will take place in a venue with a bar and food available.  Initially the sessions will be led by Fr Paul Smyth cmf

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